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The Body Worx Assessment

How does the Body Worx Assessment help our clients achieve optimal performance?

It is the first session of every Personal Training Program we offer for a reason!

Not only do you get to see the steps of the Body Worx Assessment, you can also see proof that even a VIRTUAL assessment is worthwhile!

By understanding how the body "worx," each client gains knowledge and the tools to take charge of their own condition. Here are 4 major takeaways from The Body Worx Assessment:

#1 - Static Posture

Did you know that standing SHOULD be one of the easiest functions for your body? If there's compensation (a hiked shoulder, leaning to one side, etc.) then there's sure to be issues down the line when you add in the variables that come with structured exercise! This is the point in the assessment where we can determine what you should be doing for your stretching regimen.

#2 - Movement Quality

The more "active" section of the Body Worx Assessment consists of seven basic movement patterns:

  1. Squat

  2. Lunge

  3. Bend

  4. Push

  5. Pull

  6. Twist

  7. Gait (walk, jog, run).

Other than making up the majority of any structured exercise that you perform, these key movements also make up most of your daily functional activity (getting out of a car, bending over to tie your shoe, etc.). The point of this is not just to point out good form / bad form. We take a look at the body from a global point of view and use these movement patterns to narrow down the variables to match the findings recorded during the postural piece. Therefore, we can determine not only if a more advanced /regressed version of that movement patterns is right for the client but we can also pinpoint the areas of weakness. Save time and get results faster: sounds a like a win-win!

#3 - Make it Yours

The information we gather is then used to create your customized workout program. Utilizing the Body Worx Assessment takes the guesswork out of your personal training program- if you're assessing then you're not guessing!

#4 - Evolve at Your Pace

The very best part about utilizing the Body Worx Assessment is that it can be repeated at anytime throughout your personal training program! Not only can we track improvements from your initial assessment, but we can take a deeper dive into persisting issues that you may have and address them with more fidelity! At the end of the day, the Body Worx Assessment allows your personal training program to evolve with your needs!

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