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Body Worx Tip #2: Are Your Feet on Fire?

... and not in a good way?

When the weather warms up, we spend more time outside. How many of you are getting your running routine back in order? Are you are experiencing "hot feet", numbness or even pain when you're running? Have your feet gotten bigger or is there something else going on? Fortunately there's an easy first step to check: you may be lacing your shoes too tightly!

  1. Lacing your shoes too tightly = constriction of blood circulation and/or irritating the nerves at the top of your feet! This can lead to that "hot feet" and numb sensation. While not serious and detrimental, it sure can take an enjoyable activity seem more torturous than it needs to be!

  2. Also consider when running, especially if you haven't been doing it regularly, can create swelling in your feet (up to 1/4 to 1/2 a size up!) as your tissue acclimates to the activity. Be sure to ease up on the lock down of your feet to ensure your shoes aren't too tight over sensitive areas!

Need training regimen ideas or have any other questions? Feel free to reach out to the Body Worx experts!

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