"I've always had an interest in exercise and  the effects of nutrition on the human body. When I discovered how much of a positive impact personal training had on both my self-esteem and how I felt physically, there was no turning back. Working with clients on the level that I do is truly a gift- it is as if I get to experience the positive changes and beneficial affects right alongside them. If you are on the fence about working with a fitness professional, always remember: input always determines output. Quality input can lead to outstanding results!"

Jason is well versed in the studies of both corrective exercise and human nutrition. With well over 40,000 hours of experience, he has had the opportunity to not only learn from various client scenarios but also how to effectively plan and execute sound exercise technique and nutrition practices. By utilizing the Body Worx Assessment he and his team can properly identify compensation, find the source of issues, and create customized programs that WORK! By partnering with Body Worx you don’t just get Jason’s expertise, you get a TEAM of experts to help you along your health journey.


Jason works BEST with:

  • Chronic Pain and Acute Injury

  • Body Composition Goals


CHEK Institute-

  • CHEK Practitioner


Metropolitan State University of Denver-

  • B.S. Human Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND accredited)

  • B.S. Business Management

  • B.S. Marketing

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)-

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Youth Exercise Specialist

  • Senior Exercise Specialist


"I'm passionate about helping people reach their personal fitness and performance goals.  By taking an individual approach with each client, they can realize  safety, increased functionality and performance improvement each time I work with them; our personal training contains no pre-canned workout plans or routines here! I truly believe that if you put in the time and effort, the results will come- patience and doing things right will pay off."

Brendan has had the opportunity to gain experience from participating in various sports; collegiate football, basketball, track and field are just a few of them. He is able to apply both of his experience and exercise understanding when working with each client. Regardless of the client's background or pre-existing conditions, Brendan can provide benefit to both first-timers and experienced athletes alike.

Brendan works BEST with:

  • Adventure Training (extreme sports, skiing, hiking)

  • Senior Fitness



Albion College-

  • B.S. Exercise Science

  • B.S. Communication Studies


“I’ve been active ever since I can remember. Whether it was playing sports or some kind of outdoor activity, being active has always been a priority in my life. From these experiences I’ve gained life skills that have been imperative to my health and personal development. Those same experiences are also what fuel my excitement for fitness. Knowing how beneficial personal training can be, it’s only natural to want to help others with their own goals. Working together to achieve an objective is extremely fulfilling.”

Geramy has an extensive background working in non-profit youth programs and healthcare. In addition, he has plenty of experience playing sports. Because of this, he has gained great insight on how he can directly contribute to his community. No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s Geramy’s pleasure to assist you in conquering your fitness challenges. So if you’re a student athlete, retiree or somewhere in between, Geramy welcomes your company.


Geramy works BEST with:

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Student Athletics



American Council on Exercise (ACE)-

  • Certified Personal Trainer



“There was a time in my life when a gym setting was very intimidating. Dance and yoga studios are like home but when I decided to get serious about changing the shape of my body and gaining strength, I knew that I would have to make friends with the weights. I had a great gym buddy that made workouts fun and accessible so that I was excited about going to the gym, push my body in new ways, and see AWESOME results! I feel like I'm living proof that consistency is key; I now love strength training as much as yoga and dance. So my goal is to be that fun training buddy on the yoga mat, in the gym, or by combining the two so you are excited to show up consistently and gets the results you are looking for”

Allizen’s movement background comes from a lifetime of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary. Her first exposure to yoga was in a required college dance class and she fell in love with the mind-body connection. She received her yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India in 2017 and has hundreds of hours of experience teaching from California to Colorado. If this is your first time on the mat or you’re looking to find deeper connection in an existing yoga practice, Allizen is here to support your mind-body goals!


Allizen works BEST with:

  • Private Yoga Instruction (all levels)

  • Ailments caused by Stress and Anxiety


University of Wyoming-

  • B.A. Dance 

Om Shanti Om Yoga School, India

  • 200he e-YTT

  • Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner


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