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Female, 35. Accounting Specialist


Training with Jason is more than just getting in a regular workout. He takes the time to show how to use the right form for maximum performance/results; he gives encouragement throughout the workout so you feel you are reaching your goals (even if they seem little to you, he treats them all with enthusiasm). He has an abundance of knowledge on nutrition, and how to incorporate the proper nutrition into your fitness goals and needs. You will want Jason in your corner when it comes to a fitness goal you want to achieve. Not only has he helped me with my physical goals, but also lifestyle goals I want to reach. I have learned a lot about myself and my physical capabilities thanks to Jason. 

Male, 46. General Contractor


After dealing with years of intestinal/GI issues and getting no relief from prescriptions I was referred to Jason.  Jason quickly and efficiently developed a simple and effective meal plan for me.  Jason was understanding of the circumstances of my personal living/time situation and the flexibility that he gave me was perfect.  Although he was always available to answer questions, Jason allowed me to make the program my own so that I could make it work for me as a long-term solution.  In a couple of weeks, I noticed no nagging stomach issues or heartburn and by the end of 90 days (with consistent work-outs), I had lost 35 lbs. and was able to manage my nutrition easily without counting calories!  

Female, 49. M.D.


I have worked with Jason personally as my trainer and bodybuilding coach for almost two years and have referred a number of patients to him for personal training, nutrition counseling, or both. Jason has consistently displayed a professional demeanor and his advice and instruction are always backed up by scientific evidence and research. In addition, his gentle nature and willingness to meet clients exactly where they are emotionally and physically is a welcome change from the “drill sergeant” trainers out there who try to motivate through badgering. He really listens and he truly cares.


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