"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going"

- Jim Ryun



Jason talks about the importance of Corrective Exercise

Exercise Therapy
Manage Pain. Reduce Injury. Improve Function.
Yes, you read that right. Exercise can be very effective when used as a THERAPEUTIC practice! If you have been suffering from nagging pain that hampers your performance or have experienced an injury and just haven't felt the same since, this is the best place to start. In the events following an injury as well as chronic pain, your body can and will find ways of going about the daily activities that you require from it. Unfortunately, this can lead to compensation which can place additional stress on your system as a whole. As a result, pain and eventual injury can occur.  
Working 1 on 1 with Jason, you will be given the proper regimen to feel better and stronger than you ever have before- save time AND create results that last!
Each Therapeutic Exercise session is $100


1 to 1


Customized. Personalized. Made just for you.


Effective program design begins with your current state of health. Where are you now and where do you want to be? What will it take to get there? How long will it take to experience optimal results? These questions are factored into making your personalized program that will not only keep you engaged but will keep you progressing as well. Starting with a comprehensive assessment that includes postural analysis, range of motion (ROM) assessment, core ability, and compensation negation, you will have the knowledge to take the appropriate steps to meet your goals. Your exercises will be derived from this important information in the form that is most applicable to you and your needs while keeping you injury-free and performing at your best potential.

  • Training frequency: 1x per week average: $75 per session 

  • Training frequency: 2x per week average: $70 per session

  • Training frequency: 3x per week average: $65 per session

  • Training Packages are available at discounted rates!


2 or 3


Accessible. Challenging. Engaging. 


This cost-effective yet effective training method gives you access to workouts that you desire in a convenient and fun group setting. With up to three participants, you can experience a semi-customized, structured exercise program expertly designed with your results in mind. This is no bootcamp! Each member is given adequate instruction and supervision to ensure both safety and effectiveness. This particular method makes it easy to get started as research shows that working out with others increases both accountability and consistency. Each session will consist of exercise techniques that will match your ability level; beginner or veteran, you will find challenge and results that you are looking for!


  • 2 people: $50 each per session

  • 3 people: $40 each per session


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